Facts About Volkswagen

Facts About Volkswagen

There are many of us who like fully high tech cars with all the latest features in it and that is good because they are made to make us drive safe. Since the number of cars has become 3 billion in this world and there are 7 billion people, so, you see that is half of the humans and that is why there can be chance of accidents at all times and that is when tech comes in handy.

But there are many of us as well who like old styled cars yet they are highly functional as well. If you are one of those people who like to keep it classy and yet stylish then we suggest that you have a look at the Volkswagen car brand.

This is a very old and very known brand as well. but for those who don’t know you must know about the major details of it since you may buy it. VW or you can say Volkswagen is a German brand that was founded in 1937.

It got famous because of its Beetle car. Its headquarters is in Wolfsburg. It was founded in May 28, Berlin. Here, you will be reading about Volkswagen service in Dubai, Audi service center in Dubai and some basic facts about it, keep reading to know more;

  1. The Beetle was their first car and it was called a family car because it could easily fit two normal sized adults and three normal sized children. Adolf Hitler used this car at some point as well.
  2. You will be shocked to know that Volkswagen was sued by Czechoslovakian car company and they claimed that they copied the design and the only difference was that Beetle was small in size.
  3. Beetle was such a loved car that it was manufactured till 2003 which means that the car did its 65 years, that is a success.
  4. Original name of Beetle was Type 1 but the people named it Beetle and some even called it a bug due to its shape.
  5. British were the unfortunate ones who said that they will not manufacture this small car and still it is sold as vintage, sad for them.
  6. And even Ford rejected the offer to take this car for free. Rude and sad!