General things to know about ACs

General things to know about ACs

I am sure pretty much all of us know what ACs are, but if you are living under a rock and do not know about them then, ACs are; An electronic appliance that uses electricity and refrigerant gas to absorb heat and throw out cold air to lower the temperature of a specific area or a room – too much of textbook knowledge – but If you are going to buy your own AC here are some things to know before you pick one.

Choosing AC is not an easy task. There are 2 types of AC but do not get confused. One is a window AC and the other is split.

But what is the difference between a window AC or a split AC?

Even though the cooling of ACs mostly depends on the weightage – or ton as we like to call it – the window ACs are especially designed for small rooms to circulate air but split ACs on the other hand; they are mounted on top of the wall towards the roof and cool down the room quite a bit, not only that but they come with a remote and you can modify the temperature according to your needs; going as low as 16 degrees.

If you are worried about the electricity bill and going with the window AC; dont. This is because the window ACs are not efficient and even though they do not provide the same cooling as split, they are not energy efficient which means they end up wasting electricity and provide less cooling for that matter.

After buying the AC one thing which you would inevitably notice would be that it does not provide cooling like before, but not to worry as there are some problems that make their way into this.

The most recurring problem would be dust particles getting stuck on the filters of the AC which can be easily either dusted off or washed. Or you can just simply hire a professional from AC cleaning Dubai.We hope these general guidelines were helpful for you to make a thoughtful decision before the purchase. A lot of times you may require AC maintenance whilst getting painting services Dubai, so make sure all those tasks are aligned in the To Do List.