Manicures and Pedicures: History

Manicures and Pedicures: History

Whether you want to take your stress of a hard week away, rock your vacations or want to steal the spotlight in a gathering, manicure and pedicures are your best solution. Manicures and Pedicures are world-famous treatments as every girl wants to have perfect, soft, and clean hands and feet. Many salons do the best manicure and pedicure in Abu Dhabi. You will also find here the best facial in Abu Dhabi. Their technicians have the best tools and are well aware of the right procedures which can turn your hands and feet to just like a fairy’; smooth and beautiful.

However, was there a time when people didn’t know the secret of perfects hands and feet? Well, of course, there was. Therefore, today, we are bringing you the history of Manicures and pedicures and how these techniques came to light?

Manicure History

Manicures are said to be originated from India around 5000 years ago. These were started as henna was used as nail polish. This native ritual and popular practice were moved to China. Cixi, the dowager empress started getting famous for her artificial but long and beautiful nails. Her style statement was as popular as she always had them well-manicured. Hence it became a trend for women to have long and beautiful nails. By the 21st century, acrylic and UV gel nails emerged as the popular “fashion nails.”

However, all this time in Europe, The French manicure boomed. The style of manicure with the pink nail with a white tip emerged in France back in 1975. This is when actresses in movies were demanded to have these perfectly manicured nails and it became a trend to complement nails as each wardrobe change.

Pedicure History

As famous as a manicure, a pedicure is famous for restoring the plump, fresh and soft skin, and take away the tiredness from the feet. Pedicures emerged in ancient Egypt. The word pedicure is derived from the Latin word “pes,” which means foot, and “cura,” which means to care. Pedicures are effective in preventing nail diseases, as well as also to make feet skin smoothed and relaxed.

Manicures and pedicures are well known stress-relieving treatments. You should also give time to yourself to unwind and respond to your body’s need for pampering and manicures and pedicures are your best options.