The First Step Towards Education

The First Step Towards Education

A wise man once said that the journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step. For the little children who have only gained consciousness of their surroundings and have become a reasonable amount of muscle control the parents are looking for to get them admitted in a good enough school. In the olden days, the early education of a child was frowned upon. However, Nowadays parents know better because studies have shown that early years are the most crucial ones to make the children to learn and absorb information. During these early years the personality of a child is forged. Therefore, parents try to get their children into prestigious schools that can mold them into a successful human being. However, many are unable to do so because of the international school in Qatar fees trends.

The Victim of the System

Quality education is the basic human right. Many governments offer children free of cost education for increasing the educational aptitude of the country. However, on the other hand some people are always struck by the dazzling school buildings and deem it the only way to ensure a secure future for their children. Many schools take advantage of the vulnerability of this system and claim to incorporate the infamous globally recognized schooling methods at their institutions. In the wake of this disastrous situation there are many kindergarten school in qatar which that charge the parents a high fee that is unheard of anywhere in the history. The children at such schools consider it a privilege of the life time and make it a point to ensure that they comply with the system as much as possible.

This blind follow mentality diminishes the natural learning spark from the minds of brilliant students. Such schooling systems are not producing leaders for the future but conformists and followers who are unable to think for them. These children spent their lives comparing the basic cultural differences and the development gap of their country with the rest of the world. These things create a lot of confusion and dilemma.

The young impressionable mind of a child is unable to understand the working dynamics of the world. The conventional teaching methods are providing them with a cultural shock. The curriculum of the school is often foreign and the students are unable to identify with the subject matter. The cultural shock also comes in form of the foreign languages. There is a need for higher thinking on the part of curriculum designers. How the schools are alienating the children from their own heritage and cultural values.