Studying Pharmacy in Dubai

Studying Pharmacy in Dubai

Whenever you see a disease’s cure finally being found, the department of pharmacy has a huge hand in the research and discovery of that cure. Having a bachelor’s in pharmacy is the gateway to getting into this industry. In Bachelor Of Pharmacy UAE, you learn about Pharmaceuticals, Pharmacology, Pharmaceutical Chemistry, and Pharmacognosy.

A pharmacist is a person who prescribes you medicine when you get an illness. A doctor diagnoses the disease and a pharmacist prescribes medicine that can cure the illness. They also research different health-related issues and tries to find their remedy. They collaborate with doctors and medical health professionals to provide expertise on different drugs available in the markets and all the innovations in the field of medicine. Pharmacists have great knowledge of the composition of drugs like their biological, chemical, and physical properties.

The process of getting a degree in pharmacy is not a piece of cake. For a bachelor’s in the said field, a student needs to have 170 credit hours of courses and they must have a CGPA of at least 2.0. The bachelor’s degree in pharmacy is divided into 10 semesters that means it’s a 5-year program. All around the world, the process of getting into a reputed university for a degree in pharmacy is quite hard. A student needs to have excellent grades in 12th grade and also, they will have to pass an entry test to secure an admission.

In the bachelor program of pharmacy, the studies focus on basic studies related to pharmacy and gradually they are prepared for a level harder. The scientific background of clinical and technological aspects is also provided to the students in the first year of their studies.

In the 5 years degree, students learn about medicines and cures of different diseases and even practice their skills and knowledge by applying for an internship so that they can polish their skills before stepping into professional lives.

A lot of universities around the world offer a bachelor’s in the field of pharmacy. Some universities offer a bachelor of pharmacy in UAE where a person who is interested in getting a degree in the said field can go and get them admitted there.There are some cheap universities in Dubai that one can opt to get a bachelor’s degree in pharmacy. Pharmacy is a great and noble field. We should be thankful for pharmacists and scientists all around the world for working and discovering cures and remedies for deadly diseases.